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A List of what to grab as you leave your house in an emergency (in suggested order of priority):

  1. Insurance policies

  2. Pets and supplies to care for those pets

  3. Prescription medicines

  4. Phones and rechargers

  5. Computers and power cords

  6. Cash and valuable jewelry

  7. Legal documents

  8. Gun ammo (firefighters won't save a house when ammo is going off inside)

  9. Photos, videos, and other heirlooms

  10. A travel bag of clothes and toiletries

Guides & Resources

Guides & Resources

Xactimate: The History & Future

  • Insurance companies and restoration contractors use Xactimate's products to handle more than half of all property claims in the US and Canada

Wading Into The Private Flood Insurance Market

  • Considerations for new insurers

Guides & Resources

Help is hard to find after a natural disaster. The non-profit organization, United Policyholders, have made available numerous resources accessible to everyone in need of aid after the occurrence of a natural disaster. Click the name of the disaster that you were involved in to be redirected to their guide.

  • ​2019 Sonoma Flooding - Claim Help

  • Woolsey Fire - Insurance Claim Help

  • 2017 North Bay Fires - Insurance Claim Help

  • Camp Fire (Paradise) - Insurance Claim Help

  • Lilac Fire - San Diego - Insurance Claim Help

  • Tropical Storm/Hurricane Michael Recovery Help

  • Tropical Storm/Hurricane Florence Recovery Help

  • Hawai'i Insurance Claim Help

  • 2018 Carr Fire - Shasta and Trinity Counties

  • Hurricane Harvey - Insurance Help

  • Hurricane Irma - Insurance Help

  • Detwiler Fire - Mariposa County

  • Southeast and Midwest tornadoes, storm damage, and flooding

  • San Jose Flooding

  • Sevier Wildfire (Tennessee) - Insurance Claim Help

  • Hawaii remnant tropical storm, October 2016

  • Hurricane Matthew - Insurance Help

  • 2016 California Wildfires (Clayton, Blue Cut, Soberanes, Chimney, Loma)

  • The Great Flood of 2016

  • Erskine Fire, Kern County 2016

  • Texas Flooding

  • South Carolina Flood Help

  • Northern California Wildfires 2015 - Butte, Valley, Rocky

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